Kul att kunna rapportera lite positiva nyheter från Afghanistan! Landet har nämligen antagits som 82:a medlemsnation i International Surfing Association (ISA). Än så länge har sporten endast samlat en liten grupp utövare i Afghanistan men ISA:s president Fernando Aguerre påpekar:

While still in its infant stage, there are a lot of opportunities for surfers and SUPers in Afghanistan, and we are excited to provide them with tools so they can grow their existing surfing community and allow their surfers to compete on an international level.

Naturligtvis togs nyheten emot med glädje av Afridun Amu, ordförande för Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan:

Because so many of our people have been spread across the globe, we have found a place we can all come together and meet up through surfing. … More importantly, for our citizens and surfers, this provides the opportunity to take part in an international network, which strengthens the tie of Afghanistan’s role in the world community.

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